Attack Dangerous on contact (bearded man and NMD)
Abilities Can climb up and walk; Can follow the player (NMD)
Health One hit by bearded man (Enemy 585); Varies depending on gun (NMD)
Game(s) Enemy 585, Nitrome Must Die

Henchmen are enemies in Enemy 585. The most famous member of this species is Enemy 585. The henchmen served King Frog, and are probably of the same species as the king. The henchman also appear in Nitrome Must Die as enemies.


Henchmen are somewhat short and stubby. They have purple skin and beady black eyes, along with blue-green lips. Henchmen wear a blue helmet with a skull on it.

Game information

Enemy 585

Henchmen have no attack, and it is not known what attack they have as nothing in the game shows their attack. Henchmen can only take one blow to the head before death. When they die, their helmet falls down on them, crushing them. Once they are crushed, their helmet will start to move in a direction, bouncing off walls. when their helmet bounces against a wall enough times, it will turn upside down, and fall off the screen.

Every single henchman was killed by the bearded man on his quest to rescue the princess and his guard dog, except one henchman which managed to walk all the way to the princess's castle, where the bearded man was cutting down flowers with his lawnmower.

Nitrome Must Die

NMD Henchman

A hench-
man in Nitrome Must Die

Henchman ad

A hench-
man in the Nitrome Must Die ad

Henchmen reappear in Nitrome Must Die, sometimes with small legged blobs. Much like their counterparts in Enemy 585's intro, they will drop their helmet when defeated. It will then bounce back and forth, hurting the player on contact.

The helmet will soon fall off the screen, after bumping against walls or other helmets a few times. A henchmen helmet also appears as a weapon, in which it will do the same, except it will hurt enemies instead of the player. They fall at ledges but if the player jump at the same floor they will change the direction to the player.


  • Every henchman seems to have a frown on his face, probably because of their awful job.
It is possible all henchmen could stop themselves from walking, but didn't know they could. This was demonstrated by Enemy 585 when he stopped himself from walking into a moat right in front of the Princess's castle.
  • Henchmen are obviously based of Green Koopa Troopas from the Mario series.
  • If the lava, cannons, and squish blocks can kill Enemy 585, they can probably kill other henchman and small legged blobs, although this is yet to be seen.
  • When the bearded man kills a henchman, he receives 100 points.
  • There is only one other henchman similar in appearance to Enemy 585, as seen in the game (introduction). However, there may be more due to other evidence of his kind, such as their leftover helmets.