Attack Rebounding after first collision
Damage Falling off the screen after second collision
Game(s) Enemy 585 and Nitrome Must Die

Helmets are hazards in the game Enemy 585. They also appear as hazards and weapons in the game Nitrome Must Die.


Helmets are light blue, shiny, and have a brim at the bottom. They appear to hard, from the fact that they can ricochet off objects and kill Enemy 585. They also have a small white skull in the center of them.

Game Information

Enemy 585

They are the the helmets of fallen henchmen that the bearded man killed. In the levels of Enemy 585, they lie in one place until Enemy 585 touches one, then they will quickly bounce forward, rebounding off walls it touches. If it rushes into Enemy 585, it will kill him.

They are capable of turning switch blocks. If they rebound off of walls too many times, they will eventually flip over and fall of the screen.

Nitrome Must Die

Main article: Gun (Nitrome Must Die)#Helmet

Helmets appear in Nitrome Must Die as weapons, as well as on the head of an henchmen. When a henchman is killed, or the player fires the Helmet weapon, the Helmet will move in the direction the henchman or the player was facing and will bounce off walls. It will eventually stop if it hits another helmet or hits the walls or people too often.

It will deal damage to enemies if the player shot it; even if the helmet comes from the henchmen enemy, it will not harm the player (a player touching a moving one will make the player flash, but it will not make them lose HP). The henchman's helmet will soon fall off the screen after rebounding, the same which will happen to a Helmet shot by the player.


  • In any Super Mario Bros. game, when a Koopa Troopa is stomped on, it retreats into its shell. When its shell is landed on again, it will start moving, rebounding off walls, much like helmets in Enemy 585.
  • When Enemy 585 dies his helmet is shown landing upside down, this is probably a continuity error as all other henchmen die with their helmets permanently right side up, other than when they fall off the screen after rebounding
  • Many helmets are seen laying still on the ground throughout the course of the game, however in the intro sequence whenever the bearded man stomps a henchmen the helmet always rebounds to the direction the bearded man was moving then fall off the screen, meaning that flat helmets could only be caused by "death by spikes" or barrel. This happening so many times in the main path is extremely unlikely.

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