Barry 1

The helicopter in the Rubble Trouble Series


The helicopter in the Nitrome 2.0 skin

The helicopter is a vehicle used in Rubble Trouble.


As with most vehicles belonging to the demolition crew, it is coloured Yellow and piloted by Barry, who uses non-weapon materials to destroy buildings.

Game Information

It can be used when using the grabber or the wrecking ball. When using the helicopter for either the Grabber or Wrecking Ball, the player can pilot the Helicopter around areas that don't have debris and can use the Helicopter to knock block over.

When the helicopter is used, it cannot be placed in another area. Tools used by the Helicopter are attached to the opposite side, the side not viewable by the player. When a tool is used that uses the helicopter, the player has a time limit which is shown as helicopter power. When the power runs out, the player has to deploy another of the tool. In the Nitrome 2.0 skin, the helicopter appears, holding up a part of a road, with two workers on it.

Helicopter tools


Grabber image

The Helicopter using Grabber

Main article: Grabber

The grabber extends an un-extendable arm out that can rip block or beams off buildings. The arm swings around in the air if it has nothing in its grasp.

Wrecking ball

Main Article: Wrecking Ball

The wrecking ball attaches a medium sized chain to the helicopter and a big ball at the end. The player can then move the helicopter around to move the chain and move the wrecking ball around to destroy blocks. It can be quite destructive when used correctly.


Main Article: Magnet

The magnet allows Garry to move metal objects around. It doesn't attach permanently to the object like the grabber.

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