Price Buy: 371 Gold
Sell: 288 Gold
Abilities Causes the player to instantly drop to the ground
Game Blast RPG

Heavy is a shop item in the game Blast RPG that can be purchased.


It appears as a black weight with three edges at the side with a black ring at the top as a handle. On the weight white letters saying "1 TON" is painted.  When it is used, it shows two weights orbiting/circling around the boy knight's body.

Game Information

Heavy causes the player to screech to a halt if they don't want to continue in a level. As soon as they use the item, the knight instantly drops and barely bounces. This item can be very useful on later levels of Blast RPG, where enemies are very tough and the player will likely have less than 20% health.


Buy price Sell price
371 gold 288 gold

Shop description

Makes you land

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