This article is about hearts from Chick Flick. For hearts from other games, please see Hearts.

Heart (Chick Flick)
Ability Restores one fifth of the players health
Points N/A
Game(s) Chick Flick

Hearts are pick ups in one of Nitrome's first games, Chick Flick.


The heart is a mixture of dark pink, pink, and light pink hues. The animation shows the heart spinning around.

Game information

Hearts fall from the ceiling at random times during levels in Chick Flick. They fall more often on harder levels. Hearts fall straight down, and cannot be bounced on the trampoline. If a heart touches a squirrel, or the trampoline, one heart will be added to the player's health.


The player's health

The player starts with five hearts, and if the player already has full health, the hearts will do nothing. Hearts spin through the air as they fall, and they fall straight down, like acorns. Hearts fall less often than acorns.

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