Hearts are pick ups found in some Nitrome games that replenish the main character's health. In older Nitrome games they have the appearance of hearts, but in modern games they have many different appearances. Some health objects still have a heart on them (or somewhere on the object) to signify they replenish health.

In games

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Chick Flick

Main article: Heart (Chick Flick)

Frost Bite series

Main article: Pick ups (Frost Bite)



As their name suggests, hearts are indeed heart shaped. They are bright pink and surrounded by a white outline. Beneath that white outline is a black outline.

Game information

Hearts first appear on level 1 and replenish one third of the Spider's health. Hearts often appear close to enemies or among coins. Hearts are rarely found in twos or next to each other and are constantly spinning.



Hearts from Nebula are surrounded by thin yellow glow. The yellow glow is surrounded by a larger orange glow that has round points. The heart itself is bright pink and surrounded by a darker pink outline. As their name suggests, hearts are indeed heart shaped.

Game information

Hearts first appear in level 6 of Nebula. Hearts replenish two hearts when touched or one heart if the payer has lost only one. Hearts will do noting if the player has not lost any health.

Mega Mash

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Main article: Hearts (Squawk)


Mutiny does in fact have hearts in them, in the form of a weapon. However, this weapon is unused in Mutiny, the only proof of its existence being a grey image of a heart.


The heart appears as a simple, light grey heart.

Game information

It is not known if this weapon still functions in regular gameplay. As the only existing thing about this weapon is its box image, it is possible this weapon would've been used to give health to nearby teammates. A possible reason for this weapon being scrapped is because, since all weapons can be used by one player without the use of another player, this weapon would have seemed odd, as it does not inflict damage and can probably only be used on teammates.


Main article: Power ups (Rainbogeddon

Unlike other hearts, this heart is a power-up which increases the player's speed.

Twin Shot series

Main article: Power-ups (Twin Shot)


Main article: Canisters


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