Heal (Blast RPG)
Price Buy: 112 gold
Sell: 63 gold
Abilities Heals the boy knight up to full health
Game Blast RPG

Heal is a purchasable shop item in the game Blast RPG. It is used to heal the boy knight up to his full amount of health.


The heal item appears as a medical kit, which appears as a small white box with a small handle on top and a large green cross in the middle.

Game information

The heal item is fairly priced, and is the only means of gaining health during a fight. When in a level or a fight, clicking the heal item in the item bar will replenish all the player's health. Heal is the only way of healing the boy knight in levels, as there are no health restoring objects in all of Blast RPG.

Shop Description

Restores Health.


Buy price Sell price
112 gold 63 gold


  • It is possible to complete all the levels in Blast RPG without ever using a heal item.

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