Hazmat Hero[3] (sometimes referred to as "Toxic") is the main character of the Toxic series. He is seen trying to destroy the robots, along with their factory.



Hazmat Hero wears a yellow HAZMAT (hazardous materials and items) suit, which fits his entire body. The suit is yellow and has a radioactivity symbol on its middle. The gloves and tinted visor of the suit are dark yellow (almost brown). In gameplay, Hazmat Hero is always wearing this suit.

In the ending animation of Toxic 2, he is seen to be bald, and there, as well as in the opening animation, his skin appears to be gray.

He appears to be at least twenty or thirty years old. In the first Toxic game, his sprite possessed a white outline, a feature common in older Nitrome games and which did not reappear in Toxic 2.


Toxic Hurt

When hurt

When Hazmat Hero takes damage, he will jerk his head back and go up a few feet off the ground. His arms will also outstretch, and his legs will go back.



The game begins with Hazmat Hero in a robot factory, trying to potentially escape it.

Penguin 1

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Upon completing level 20, as Hazmat Hero accesses the red teleporter and teleports away from the robot factory, it begins to explode.

Toxic II

Hazmat Hero discovers the robots have invaded a world and created another robot factory. Hazmat Hero infiltrates the robot factory via a blue teleporter. Entering unseen, Hazmat Hero encounters a computer speaking in binary code. Hazmat Hero simply lays a bomb, which soon explodes and hacks the computer by interfering with its logic, as the "fatal error" does not compute with its system.

The computer at first has low hopes for Hazmat Hero, believing he will not even complete the room he is in. Hazmat Hero does complete the room, and thereby impresses the computer entity. As Hazmat Hero traverses the factory, the computer entity gives Hazmat Hero tips throughout. Hazmat Hero defeats a bigfoot robot on level 10, further advancing through the factory.

Penguin 1

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Eventually, Hazmat Hero comes to Mother. The computer person believes that Mother will kill Hazmat Hero. Nevertheless, Hazmat Hero enters the room and begins the battle with Mother. He defeats Mother, obliterating her and escaping the Robot Factory. As he looks out at a seemingly endless sea of acid under a starry sky, a Bigfoot robot lands, with Hazmat Hero between its legs. Hazmat Hero then prepares to destroy it.

In-game role

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Hazmat Hero's main priority seems to be to destroy Robot Factories, based upon the introduction cutscene of Toxic II, in which he says, "I thought it was all over, when I destroyed the factory... but I emerged to a world, where the machines had taken over. I must find out, what is controlling machines... Time to scrap some metal!" Hazmat Hero also seems to have a priority of destroying robots. In order to fulfill these priorities, the player must control him so that he can blow up robots with bombs and avoid hazards, such as acid and spikes. Hazmat Hero is controlled by the player with the arrow keys (used to move) and the space bar (used to drop bombs).

Other appearances

  • Rubble Trouble Moscow - In level 7, acid filled containers with Hazmat Hero's face on them appear in the game. Apparently, according to the boss, they were placed by some "disgruntled Nitrome Character" (which probably is a reference to Hazmat Hero). Destroying them costs the player money.
  • Horror - Hazmat Hero appears with the sleeves of his outfit torn off, and the glass of his helmet destroyed. Hazmat Hero is seen to have three fingers and glowing eyes, although this is probably just added to make Hazmat Hero look like a zombie.
  • Factory - The armless metal version of Hazmat Hero's suit appears.
  • Nitrome 2.0 - A truck with the colours and appearance of Hazmat Hero appears in this skin, holding a giant Sample which is leaking acid or toxic waste into the water.



  • Hazmat Hero, Ribbit and Takeshi are the only Nitrome characters with the ability to wall jump.


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