This article is about hazards from Silly Sausage. For hazards from other games, please see Hazards.

Hazards in Silly Sausage hurt the stretchy dog on contact. As they add challenge when the player is progressing through the game, there is at least one hazard in every level.

Electricity beams

First appearing in level two, electricity is beamed between two blocks as a light blue circuit. There are at least two sets of electricity beams appearing in a level at once. The circuits will switch on and off as they alternate with other sets of electricity blocks. Electricity beams make later appearances in the levels nine, eleven, 17, 23, 27 and 29.


Spike diamonds


Two spike diamonds

Similar to spikes, spike diamonds form rows or columns in groups and remain stationary throughout the entire game. They are first seen in level 3, bordering most of the level which the fireballs move around in. Spike diamonds make frequent appearances in Silly Sausage, appearing in over half of the 30 levels. They are most notably used in levels 13 and 30, where spike diamonds form a maze that the stretchy dog must navigate in mid-air to avoid.


Saws are hazards in Silly Sausage.


The Saw appears silver and the track appears yellow, the yellow colouring signifying the Stretchy Dog can hold onto it.

Game Information

Saws move on a track, and they move all the way to the edge of the track before reversing direction. The Stretchy Dog has to sometimes in the game use the Saw track as a platform, having to frequently move when the saw approaches. Multiple saws may be present on a track, increasing how frequent the player has to move.

Moving spike diamonds

Moving spike diamonds are hazards in Silly Sausage.


Moving spike diamonds are almost appear exactly as stationary spike diamonds, except the core is replaced with a red eye.

Game Information

Moving spike diamonds move in straight lines vertical or horizontal. When moving, the eyes for the Spike Diamond lights up and turns red. When not moving, the eye is unlit and appears dark red. Many moving spike diamonds appear in usually a single level, and they can be annoying in great numbers of moving diamonds.

When a spike diamond moves, all the spike diamonds in the level move. Two spike diamonds colliding will immediately stop; spike diamonds will also stop moving when they meet a wall or a gem. Because spike diamonds move slowly and can only make straight movements, they are not as dangerous as fire spheres, but there shear number makes them a hard to avoid hazard.


  • Moving spike diamonds appear in a different part of levels whenever a level is reset, never appearing in the same place.

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