Below is a list of hazards in Pest Control.

Venus flytraps


This section is about venus fly traps from Pest Control. For venus fly traps from other games, please see Venus fly traps.

Venus flytraps are hazards in the game Pest Control.


Venus flytraps look like giant green plants. They have a giant green mouth with nine green teeth and a red tongue. They also have a visible white eye with a black pupil and a dark fly near their tongue and two dark green leaves. When the venus fly trap becomes angry, it closes the mouth and its visible eye changes to an angry eye.

Game information

The flyswatter must hit the flies inside the venus flytraps, so the flyswatter must enter inside their mouth. When the flyswatter does it, the venus flytrap starts to move its mouth. If the flyswatter does not escape quickly, the flytrap will eat it. The game is over if the flyswatter is eaten or if the flytrap eats the fly.

Flowers and leafs

Flowers and leaves are hazards in the game Pest Control.


Flowers look like normal flowers with a yellow centre and five pink petals. Leafs look like green leafs. There are two types of leafs, one being smaller than the other, and the other being larger.

Game information

To harm the flyswatter, leaf cutter ants will throw flowers and leafs at it. Each thrown object can make the flyswatter lose one heart on contact. When leaf cutter ants throw them, the thrown objects rotates and fall quickly. Since they cannot be destroyed by hitting them, the flyswatter must dodge them. Leaf cutter ants will actually aim these objects at the player's flyswatter instead of randomly throwing them.

Dung balls

Dung balls are hazards in the game Pest Control.


Dung balls look like big light brown balls made of dung. They are perfect circles that have a light brown color at the centre, and dark brown color at the bottom.

Game information

Dung balls always move right. When they move fast, they do not bounce high, but when they move slowly, they bounce very high. If a dung ball touches the flyswatter, a heart is lost and the dung ball is broken.

Water droplets

Water droplet

A water droplet.

Water droplets are hazards in the game Pest Control.


Water droplets look like large dark blue water droplets. In the middle, they are blue, and at the top and bottom they are dark blue.

Game information

Water droplets appear in stage 4.2 and fall from the top of the screen. They can hurt the player, making them lose a life. This stage has a lot of falling water droplets, and they are difficult to avoid because they fall very fast.

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