This article is about hazards from Mallet Mania. For hazards from other games, please see Hazards.

Hazards will cause the ball in Mallet Mania to fall off the course and waste the player's shot.


Rollers are cylindrical shaped and roll from side to side in some areas of the game. If a ball gets in the way of its path, it will be pushed off the course and lost. They vary in length depending on the course the player plays.


Weights will waiver in the air for a few seconds before coming down onto the tile they are positioned above. They may squish the ball if it gets in the way and cause the player to lose a shot.


Holes embedded in the course will cause the player to lose their shot if their ball falls through them.

Eater Tiles

These look like holes except with a closing over them. Thus, the ball can travel over these tiles, but once their ball slows down or comes to a complete stop over the tile, it will open up its closing, allowing the ball to fall through them.

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