This article is about hazards from Flash Cat. For hazards from other games, please see Hazards.

Hazards are objects that can harm the cat in Flash Cat. Hazards are stationary, and usually cannot be destroyed. Most hazards will subtract ⅓ of Flash Cat's health if contact is made, as well as potentially slow the character down completely. Other non-harmful hazards may try to hinder Flash Cat in other ways, like slow down the cat's speed tremendously or try to push the character off the stage.


Walls are hazards in Flash Cat. Two types exist: usual walls and cracked walls.


Walls appear as a rectangular part of metal on the track. A yellow-and-black line appears across them. Walls are coloured mostly purple.

Game information

Walls block the player from progressing through the level and must be either avoided or destroyed.

Usual walls


A usual wall

Usual walls are hazards in Flash Cat. They are uncommon in the game, but are not easily avoided. They are usually placed in formations which involve much turning. If the player hits a usual wall, he/she will immediately stop and will continually be forced against the wall until Flash Cat moves off the walls.

Cracked walls


A cracked wall

Cracked walls are a type of wall often found in the game. They are always blocking the track. Usually there is a way around them. Bug bullets are usually placed on the track before an encounter with cracked walls, and are the only object capable of safely destroying them. A fired bug bullet will instantly destroy a cracked wall and if the bullet hits between two cracked walls both will be destroyed. Touching a cracked wall will also destroy it, but this will harm the player and also greatly decrease his/her speed.


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A laser

Lasers are hazards in Flash Cat. They appear as a green laser projected between two laser projectors. The laser will harm the cat, but can often be avoided by jumping. They appear very rarely.



A fan

Fans are hazards in Flash Cat. They appear as a metal pipe on the side of tracks, coming from underneath. Air is blown out from the pipes, which goes across the track. The wind will slowly push Flash Cat in the direction the character is going, which is dangerous in a large group of pipes. They will also affect the movement of bug bullets, also pushing them to the side they are blowing, moving them at the same speed they move Flash Cat. Pipes cannot be destroyed.

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