This article is about hazards from Feed Me. For hazards from other games, please see Hazards.

Hazards are inanimate objects to harm the player in the game Feed Me. Touching any hazard in the game will cause the player to lose one heart of health.



Melons are only shown from a side view. They are round, with alternating light and dark shades of green stripes in a spiral.

Game information

Melons are spawned from bushes. When spawned, a small melon appears in the middle of the bush and then grows until it is full size. It then drops off the bush, and begins rolling forward. Melons will not stop rolling until they are destroyed, and they can only be destroyed by touching thorns or the Venus Fly Trap. If the Venus Fly Trap does come in contact with a melon, it will lose one heart of health.



Tomatoes are red and spherical, with a green stem coming up out of their top.

Game information

Tomatoes are spawned from small bushes only found on ceilings. When spawned, a small tomato will appear at the bottom of the bush, and quickly grow until it is full size. It then hangs on the bush for one second before falling to the ground where it is destroyed. Tomatoes can also be destroyed if they touch the player's Venus Fly Trap. The player will lose one heart of health if they touch any tomato, no matter whether it is growing or falling.


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