This article is about hazards from Canopy. For hazards from other games, please see Hazards.

Hazards are usually indestructible, single objects in Canopy that can harm the protagonist if it makes contact with them.

Spike heads

Skullhead Spike

A spike head

Spike heads appear as a red sphere with eight small spikes and eight big spikes placed on the outside circumference. The red sphere has a white face on it, similar to the face of the spiders. It pulses slightly.

Normally, spike heads appear on red vines, however, on level 6, they appear hooked on string branches on the same level that introduces wind.

Both types of spike heads; mainly small spike heads, are almost always seen on red vine logs. Big spike heads are sometimes seen on the ends of logs in situations where the player has to pass several red vine logs. Spike heads appear very rarely not attached to a red vine.



Effects of wind

Wind first appears on level 6, and causes all branches to sway to the right periodically. It also blows brown leaves to the right. Enemies and the protagonist remain unaffected by the gust.

Levels with wind often have spike heads and other hazards that make the main character more vulnerable to if right next to them. Wind may also allow the player to reach distant branches without swinging.

Bomb fruit

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Bomb Fruit

A bomb fruit

Bomb fruit grows on dark coloured branches and can be shaken off. Once deployed, it is able to regenerate in the same spot. It can be used to destroy some enemies.

Red vines

Main article: Branches#Red vines

Spike Vines

A log with red vines

Red vines harm the player on contact. Spike heads sometimes grow on them. On level 19, all red vines in the level create a maze.

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