This article is about hazards from Avalanche. For hazards from other games, please see Hazards.

While the penguin on toboggan in Avalanche does not lose any health from hitting a hazard, it will cause the penguin to slow down, allowing the snow avalanche to catch up.


Avalanche Tree

Varying in size, trees are obstructions that are usually found on hills and in pits. Each tree has a round triangular shaped which is green coloured, half-covered in snow. A small trunk sticks out in the middle, holding the tree to the ground. Taller trees are more capable of blocking the way of the penguin, especially as it jumps over wide gaps created by "pits".



This section is about Rocks from Avalanche. For Rocks from other games, please see Rocks.

Avalanche Rock

Rocks are usually found on the ground where the penguin travels and like trees, they vary in size. They are grey and oddly shaped. The top of the rock is covered with snow. As hazards, they will cause the penguin to stop for a moment before the player can resume travelling.

Ice crystals


This section is about ice crystals from Avalanche. For ice crystals from Frost Bite series, please see Ice crystals (Frost Bite).

Avalanche Crystals

Ice crystals have a similar appearance to ice crystals of the Frost Bite series. Shaped like diamonds, they peek out of the ground in clumps. They are located on the ground, usually on icy surfaces. When the penguin runs into an ice crystal, it will be stunned for a moment before it can move again. Ice crystals are like the shorter version of trees and rocks, and they can be avoided more easily by jumping.


Avalanche Icicles

Unlike trees, ice crystals and rocks, icicles are located on the ceilings of some narrow passageways. As the penguin approaches these areas, they shake and fall from the ceiling onto the ground. Because the icicles never disappear, even when on the ground, the player has to make sure the penguin travels under the icicles before they fall, as these areas usually have small hills, making high jumps impossible.



This section is about snowballs from Avalanche. For snowballs from other games, please see Snowballs.

Avalanche SBall

Snowballs roll towards the penguin, and vary in size. In some cases, polar bears or rabbits appear stuck in snowballs. They require more precise timing to avoid, as the snowball moves as the penguin moves. On steeper hills, they roll at a quicker pace, stunning the penguin temporarily on contact.


Main article: Avalanche (hazard)

A snow avalanche moves across the screen in a continuous motion. It appears to be a straight slanted slope on an in-game map shown on the right hand corner of the screen. It is capable of passing over any obstacles. If the penguin does not reach its destination before the avalanche catches up to it, the level must be restarted.

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