This article is about hazards from Aquanaut. For hazards from other games, please see Hazards.

A list of Hazards in Aquanaut.



A Current

Currents are hazards in Aquanaut. Currents appear as many bubbles going in one direction. These bubbles will push the player in the direction they go, the current only extending a short bit in a certain direction. Currents appear as vertical or horizontal shape moving in the direction of their longer edges. Currents can either be helpful or unhelpful, pushing the player quickly in a safe direction, or pushing the player back.

The player can go against Currents, and eventually pass them, but will be slowed down only when going against them. Currents do not push enemies, items, or hazards, only the player and the player's bombs. Currents cannot be destroyed, as it is only bubble pushing in one direction.



A Whirlpool

Whirlpools are hazards in Aquanaut. Whirlpools appear as a swirl of transparent lines, leading into the middle of the whirlpool. Whirlpools in Aquanaut will pull the player towards them. Being pulled into a whirlpool does not at all harm the player, but enemies and hazards are usually found in the direction the player is pulled.

Whirlpools cannot be destroyed. Going against the pull of a whirlpool is like going against a current, only the player can go faster against the pull of a Whirlpool than the push of a current. Whirlpool's pulling effect seems to only effect the player.

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