This article is about gas from Parasite. For gas from other games, please see Gas.

Happy gas
Happy Gas (Parasite)2
Damage Destroys enslaved creatures
Game(s) Parasite

Happy gas is a hazard in the game Parasite.


Happy gas is a type of pink mist that sparkles. Pink hearts appear faintly in the mist.

Game information

Happy gas first appears in level eight. Happy gas will not harm the Parasite, although it will kill any enslaved creature. The enslaved creature, once entering the happy gas, will drop all items they are holding and throw the Parasite forward or backward. Sometimes happy gas must be used in a different way, for example in one level the Parasite must fly through some happy gas on a winged cat.

The winged cat will be destroyed but the Parasite will land on another cat and must do this over and over again until it reaches its destination. According to the dialogue of the Parasite, it has a strong effect on his mood, changing his thoughts about destroying the green planet. Happy gas may have indicated that the entire green planet was peaceful before creatures like space bees and the Parasite came.

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