This article is about hands from Hot Air Jr. For hands from other games, please see Hands.

The hand is an enemy in the game Hot Air Jr, appearing only in the last bonus level. It also appears as a ware in Super Stock Take.


The hand is white, and like almost all enemies in the hot air series, it has two dots for eyes with eyebrows slightly above them. It has four curved fingers and a thumb. It has a small section of a wrist at the bottom.

Game information

Hot Air Jr

The hand will wander around the level, making its way toward the fan, and when it gets close, will grab it and make a fist around it, making it unable to use air to control the balloon.

The hand is not lethal, but it can cause the Hot Air Jr to hit enemies and hazards if he falls downward too far without control. The player has to shake the mouse, and the hand will be flung in one direction, stunning it from dizziness. The hand will start to follow the player again soon, and the cycle goes on. The only hand seen in the Hot Air series is found in level sixteen of Hot Air Jr.

Super Stock Take

The hand appears as a ware in Super Stock Take; it appears smaller than in its Hot Air Jr. appearance.


  • The hand enemy looks like the mascot of Hamburger Helper.
  • The hand is the only enemy in the Hot Air series that directly affects the cyan fan instead of the hot air balloon.