This article is about Hammerhead from Mutiny. For Hammerhead from Sky Serpents, please see Hammerhead serpent.

Hammerhead sharks
Mutiny Shark idle animated
A hammerhead shark
Attack Varies (Mostly cherry bombs)
Health Shown on the health bar
Game(s) Mutiny

Hammerhead sharks are enemies in the game Mutiny. They are the thirteenth group of enemies the pirates fight.


Hammerhead sharks have got two purple eyes on the sides of their body, with one fin on top of their head. They have also got white teeth and a red pixel line for a mouth. Their body is bluish purple and rectangular with a semicircle on top for a head.

Game information


Hammerhead sharks use long range weapons such as bananas and rum bottles. The player should try to beat the hammerhead sharks quickly, and during the battle, should also try to get the treasure chests scattered throughout the area.


Mutiny lvl13

The map of level 13



Were gonna hammer you! You're shark bait!

A hammerhead shark as the level begins.

"Stop! Hammer-time!"

As the player has lost all of their pirates.


Click [show] to see this video
Mutiny (Nitrome)- Level 1302:35

Mutiny (Nitrome)- Level 13


  • The quote "Stop! Hammer-time!" is a reference to MC Hammer's song U Can't Touch This.
  • The parrots do have a captain, but it just looks like a normal parrot. This also happens with a few of the other enemies in the game, these being squids, monkeys, crabs and Hammerhead sharks.

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