Hail Stone
Hail Stone
The Hail Stone in Steamlands
Type Cannon
Grid spaces 3
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 300 330
Damage 30 35
Reload Medium Slow Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

Hail Stone, sometimes written as Hail-Stone or Hail Stone cannon, is the first tank cannon in the game Steamlands, as well as appearing on the Steamlands tank boss in the game Nitrome Must Die.



The Hail Stone gun has a rectangular base which takes up two blocks, and a medium sized cannon that has the appearance of a cannon on top of a half-circle.

Nitrome Must Die

It appears much bigger than its Steamlands appearance, and cartoon like. Other than these two changes, it has not changed at all from is Steamlands appearance.

Game Information


Hail Stone, as its name implies, fires heavy iron balls which when hit an enemy tank seem as if it's raining stones. The Hail Stone is widely considered a cannon than a gun, which is why it is commonly written as Hail Stone cannon. The cannon of the Hail Stone can rotate in all directions. Hail Stones can either be placed with the base two blocks foreword or two blocks down. The metal balls fired by the hail stone deal more damage than the bullets of usual guns.

The Hail Stone is also the first gun to use weapons other than bullets. Hail Stones appear throughout Steamlands, used by enemies and the player and can be found often on the ground. The Big Ben has a similar appearance to the Hail Stone, and the Matryoshka attacks similar to the Hail Stone. If the player is moving fast and a Hail Stone cannon on the player's tank is shot, it will most likely land on the player's tank. The Hail Stone's health starts out at 300 health points an and can be upgraded to 330. The Hail Stone's metal balls deal 30 damage and can be upgraded to deal 35.

Nitrome Must Die


The Hail Stone in Nitrome Must Die

The Hail Stone appears in Nitrome Must Die on the Steamlands tank boss. The Hail Stone appears above the Booster on the Steamlands tank phase two, and on both sides of the Matryoshka in Phase 3.

Hail Stone fires small metal balls like in Steamlands, and aims at the player before firing. The metal balls don't deal that much damage, and can't reach the player when they are standing on the stone platform at the top of the level. Hail Stone can be destroyed, and can take more damage than Determinators.

Hail Stone shop items

Below are the purchasable shop items for the Hail Stone in Steamlands.

Hail Stone Damage 1 Hail Stone Health 1 Hail Stone Reload 1
Image: HS1 HS2 HS3
Price: £5000 £5000 £5000
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 330 Hail Stone fires faster
Description: This town seems to have a large stockpile of lead for some reason. But that has given you the idea of making the Hail-Stone more devastating. Perhaps you should purchase this stockpile from them. The Barrel of the Hail Stone is only made of iron, with the right expertise it could be replaced with a steel barrel that could withstand more damage. Luckily for you this expertise is available in town. The Hail Stone reloads its ammo with internal winch that pulls its heavy ammunition in. There's a supply store in town with better cables.
Level: Top Down Sky's the limit Rain and Hail

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