Small Armored Gun Ship
Attack Shooting pink spheres
Abilities None
Health 30 blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Gunships are enemies in the game Bullethead.


The gunship consists of two small black clocks with a white skull with three eyes and three positioned on them. The blocks are placed on the left and right of the craft and two smaller black blocks pulled down with cords on them connected to the ship.

The front of the ship has four guns on the front (with a hole in each gun for the bullets to come out). A glass dome is placed overtop and inside, is the pilot. The pilot is pinked skin and the and has black eyes. The pilot wears a black, orange, and yellow helmet. Lastly, at the bottom of the ship is two cylinders of bronze colour and two small rectangles of the same colour as the cylinders.

Game information

Gunships first appear on level two and will move horizontally in the sky. They may sometimes return to a place they've already been, sometimes moving left instead of right or vice-versa. They will shoot two pink spheres once or in succession. Gunships have high health proving them a hard foe.

After the gunship has been shot enough, part of the outer husk of their ship will fall off. After a couple more hits they will explode and grant 3000 points. Along with their attacks they frequently appear in number thus making it difficult to avoid their attacks. This is mainly the reason for the inclusion of tentacle reared shields in the game. Rarely, gunships may spawn a ball pod.


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