This article is about guns from Final Ninja series. For guns from other games, please see Guns.

Guns are hazards in the Final Ninja series.

Game information

Guns are stationary, as they can't move around the level. They fire bullets which are harmful to Takeshi, and will subtract one health bar from Takeshi's health if they hit him. Most guns cannot be destroyed, and most are placed on the wall. Bullets from guns can only harm Takeshi as all other enemies and hazards are immune to them.


There are three types of guns in the Final Ninja series: rotating guns, wall mounted guns, and blue wall mounted guns. Snipers do not count as guns as they move a crosshair around the level instead of shooting bullets from where they are.

Rotating guns

Main article: Rotating guns

Wall mounted guns

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Blue wall mounted guns

Main article: Blue wall mounted guns

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