Gunpowder barrels
Gunpowder Barrel
Ammunition Two barrels per weapon; weapon ammo varies
Ability N/A
Action Can be dropped, explodes
Damage High
Game(s) Mutiny

Gunpowder barrels or barrels are a type of weapon in Mutiny.


Gunpowder barrels look like real barrels and have red wood. They are circular with strip of red wood placed between two dark grey pieces. In the middle of the gunpowder barrel is a faint white skull.

Game Information

Gunpowder barrels are essentially the defensive counterpart of the crates, as crates are offensive box like weapon, while gunpowder barrels are defensive box like weapon. When selected in the weapons menu, the player can place two gunpowder barrels per weapon used. They can be placed on any solid platform on the stage, but cannot be placed on fellow teammates, enemy pirates, or sometimes in certain places. Once placed, they act as platforms/walls, and have to be jumped over to be passed.

The defensive properties of gunpowder barrels that define it as a weapon is that gunpowder barrels can be detonated, and result in a large explosion when the aforementioned action is done. They are detonated when hit with any weapon, and will result in a very large explosion that has poor kickback damage (kickback damage meaning how far pirates are pushed when hit with the weapon). Gunpowder barrels can result in instant death if an enemy is enclosed between barrels with no escape (e.g: A barrel is placed on the left and right of a pirate, and above their head).

However, this is often hard to due as since only two can be placed, enemies will often get out of the trap before the top barrel can be placed. gunpowder barrels can be used like mines, and with the use of the banana, be detonated from far off. Gunpowder barrels can also be used against the person who placed them, as placing gunpowder barrels around the level can result in the player having to be cautions of where to step, as it is possible to detonate mass amounts of gunpowder barrels with the seagull or the aforementioned banana weapon.


Click any where on the stage to place down two barrels. These will explode when hit by a weapon.



  • The wood and metal used to create gunpowder barrels appear to be the exact same materials used to create treasure chests.

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