Gunbrick series
Gunbrick icon Ico gunbricksd
No. of games 2
First game release date April 20th, 2012
Latest game release date January 7th/8th 2015
Relatedness Sequential

The Gunbrick series is made-up of Gunbrick and the mobile version. In each game the player controls Gunbrick/ a Gunbrick and has to reach the end of levels. The Gunbrick vehicle is square and has the ability to fire bullets and a shield on one side.

Series games


Main article: Gunbrick

Gunbrick is a puzzle-platformer icon game released on April 20, 2012, this being Nitrome's first icon game. In this game, the player controls Gunbrick, with the aim of guiding it to the end of each level.

Gunbrick mobile

Main article: Gunbrick (mobile)

Gunbrick mobile, sometimes referred to as Gunbrick SD, is a puzzle platforming mobile game for iOS and Android (Google Play and Amazon Appstore). The game was released on Android and New Zealand (iOS) on January 7th 2015 and released on iOS for the rest of the world and the Amazon App Store on January 8th 2015. The gameplay is the same as its predecessor.


Main section: Gunbrick (mobile)#Previews

Over the span of three weeks Nitrome released video previews for Gunbrick mobile.

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