For the character in the browser version, see Gunbrick (character).
Gunbrick vehicle
Health 1 hit (non shield side)
Level(s) All
Game(s) Gunbrick (mobile),
Magic Touch (mobile) (cameo)

The Gunbrick is a vehicle used by the player in Gunbrick (mobile).


Gunbrick appears square with a silver shield one one side, and a gun on the opposite side. The gun appears as a small dot in the middle of that side. The middle of Gunbrick has a square with etched rectangles extending to all sides, the part opposite the shield being connected to the Gunbrick's cannon. When the Gunbrick fire bullets, shotgun shells fly out.

The inside of the Gunbrick has a table with a movable level and two buttons: one red and the other yellow. There are also holograms inside.

Game information


The game Gunbrick takes place in a future age where cars have become obsolete and a machine called Gunbrick has become a world wide sensation.[1]


The Gunbrick is moved with a swipe in the desired direction (left or right) and can be caused to shoot by tapping and continuously fire by tapping and holding. The shield on the Gunbrick is impervious to all damage, and the cannon it has allows it to fire bullets. In whatever direction a bullet is fired, the Gunbrick will recoil in the opposite direction, moving horizontally if the bullet was fired horizontally and moving upwards if it was fired into the ground.

Other appearances



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