Gunbrick is the main character of the game Gunbrick.


Gunbrick is a orange square with a white rectangle coming out of Gunbrick. Gunbrick has a white deflector shield on one of its sides. A light blue rectangle is below the white deflector shield and a dark blue rectangle is placed on either side of it. The rest of Gunbrick is light brown, dark blue, white, dark yellow, and light blue.

Game information

Gunbrick can be moved left or right by the player pressing the left or right arrow keys. It can shoot with the up or down arrow key or the space bar. However, shooting will propel Gunbrick the opposite way the gun is facing. So in order to move to higher platforms, Gunbrick's gun must be facing down, and firing will propel him the opposite way, which is up.

A white deflector shield is on Gunbrick's back, which will deflect all bullets back in the direction they came. Gunbrick can also fall down with the shield side downward, which will crush any enemies below it hits. If Gunbrick touches a enemy, enemy attack, or hazard Gunbrick will explode and respawn at the last blue respawn block that Gunbrick touched.