This article is about guns from Bullethead. For guns from other games, please see Guns.

Gun helmets
Gun Helmet
The gun helmet in Bullethead
Ammunition Infinite
Ability Can fire bullets in multiple directions
Action Fires bullets
Damage Varies
Game(s) Bullethead

The gun helmets are weapons used and invented by the soldiers during the Triclopian War. They make its appearance in Bullethead and a weapon in Nitrome Must Die.


Gun helmets are shaped like a half circle with a light green tube sticking out of it. The tube fires bullets and is covered by light green plating that resembles metal. Near the bottom of the helmet, on one side, is a small and dark green pointed object.

On the other side of the gun is two objects that are also small and are the same shade of green but are shaped like small cylinders. Slightly below the small cylinders is a red dot. At either side of the bottom of the helmet is a grey circle. The rest of the helmet is the same shade of green as the small pointed object and the cylinders. Lastly, below the red dot on the top of the helmet is a red rectangle with slightly curved edges that is lined with dark green.

Game information


The helmets, worn by the soldiers, are used for attacking the enemy aliens by firing bullets upward. Throughout the game, canisters can be collected from the ground that allow players to modify the bullets shot from the gun helmet. These canisters collected can adjust the power of the bullets or the number of bullets being shot from the helmet at once, allowing players to take down more enemies more efficiently.

Nitrome Must Die

See also: Bullethead (Gun)

The concept of the gun helmet makes an appearance in Nitrome Must Die as a weapon that can be used by the main characters, Justin Bennet and Austin Carter. The weapon, appropriately called "Bullethead", directs all bullets to be shot upwards and is capable of going through thin platforms to destroy any enemies above the players' characters.

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