This article is about guards from Mega Mash. For guards from other games, please see Guards.

Ninja guard
Attack Firing their gun
Abilities Walking
Health Cannot be killed
Points One hundred
Game(s) Ninja (Mega Mash)

Guards are enemies and appear in the Ninja sections of the game Mega Mash. They are part of the single zone enemies group.


Guards wear a dark blue coat, dark blue pants, black glasses, and have black hair. Their skin is a tan colour, but they have a large red nose. They carry a grey gun with them.

Game information

Guards walk back and forth on the ground, being unable to jump. They carry pistols, which they will fire if Takeshi gets in their sight. The guards only look straight in front of themselves, and can only fire straight. Upon seeing Takeshi, there will be an orange blast and a green bullet will come out of their revolver. These bullets will take away one heart from the player if they hit. Guards are impossible to kill as they are always on the ground and Takeshi's ninja stars always go up.


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