Cyborg samurai
Guard Final Ninja
A cyber samurai
Attack Slashing with a sword
Abilities Deflecting ninja stars
Health 3 hits
Points 70
Game(s) Final Ninja series

Cyborg samurai[1] are enemies in the game Final Ninja, who also appear in its sequel, Final Ninja Zero; and in the Ninja sections of the game Mega Mash. In Final Ninja, cyborg samurai are people who have been employed by Akuma to serve as bodyguards or just usual guards.


Cyborg samurai are commonly encountered on foot holding a weapon, although one variant of the guard resides in a machine. Cyborg samurai appear in a black coat and pants, having black spiky hair and carrying a weapon. There are three variations of guards: basic cyber guard, sniper machine, and cyber samurai. Cyborg samurai also appear in Ninja, but different. They are holding pistols and fire at Takeshi. When cyborg samurai are killed in the Final Ninja series, there is a bluish metal on a part of the samurai's face.

A cyber samurai


Guard - Horror skin

A guard in the horror skin

Basic cyber guards

Main article: Basic cyber guards
Basic cyber guards are the first enemy encountered in Final Ninja, and as well as the most basic of cyborg samurai. They carry a gun which they will fire when they see intruders. While firing they become stationary, making them an easy target.

Sniper machines

Main article: Sniper machines
The sniper machine appears in Final Ninja, being replaced by the robot sniper units in the prequal. Although almost completely a machine, the sniper machine is controlled by a cyborg samurai. This cyborg samurai does not walk at all, as it has to constantly command the machine. It operates a crosshair which it moves around the level, searching for intruders. The guard can be destroyed by destroying the sniper machine, when discovered.

Cyber samurai

Main article: Cyber samurai
Cyber samurai are cyborg samurai that have been trained in combat to protect Akuma. They are part of the player's side in the prologue-level of Final Ninja Zero and are not able to be killed by the player, but in parts of the game and in Final Ninja are enemies. Cyber samurai are stronger than regular cyborg samurai, as they have been trained more. They are more intelligent than the other cyborg samurai and are encountered in groups.

Guards (Mega Mash)

Main article: Guards (Ninja)


  • A cyborg samurai appears in the horror skin, looking different than its Final Ninja version.


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