Red Grid
Ability Create round platforms from bomb explosions
Game(s) Toxic II

Grids are interactive object found only in the game Toxic II. They do not appear in the prequel, Toxic. They are a type of holographic object created by Mother. The grid's purpose is to create objects (matter) out of explosive bomb energy.


Grids at first appear as a grid of neon pink lines. They seem to be attached to platforms, but may go beyond them. An in-use metal platform appears as a circle with many metal lines of various sizes going in various directions.

Red Grid (Hole)

A red grid with a platform in it

Game information

Grids are found in levels close to the end of the game, and in some secret levels. When a bomb detonates on the grid, where its explosion appears, metal in that exact location and shape will appear. Toxic is capable of standing on this, and can use the grid to get to other areas. Metal platforms will only appear on the red grid, if the explosion reaches outside the grid, a metal platform will not form there.

Once a metal platform appears in an area, it cannot be removed. The only way to remove it is to reset the level. All types of bombs will cause a metal platform in the red grid.

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