The icon of the Grenade
Ammunition 10
Ability None
Action A ball is fired that explodes
Damage Very high
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Grenades are a type of weapon in Graveyard Shift. It is the most powerful weapon in the game, able to kill close to all enemies with one Grenade.



The icon of the grenade appears as a circle with a bar extending from the top of the grenade, going horizontally to the right and a line attached to the end going vertically down.


The reticule of the grenade appears as a yellow circle.

Game Information

The grenade is the strongest weapon in Graveyard Shift, able to inflict massive amounts of damage and has the largest range of any weapon. When the grenade is obtained, the Gun(GS) with turn into a Grenade(GS), and the red overheat bar will begin to numerically tell the player how much ammo they have left (like X9 in the bar). A used grenade will subtract 1 from the ammo counter. When a grenade is fired, the grenade sphere will thrown on to the screen, then dip down a bit and explode in a large explosion.

This explosion will kill all enemies caught in the blast. Spider hives are not killed with one shot, it only being strong enough to take three grenades. The player should use the grenades wisely, and try to conserve ammo by just firing one grenade at a time. This weapon, along with the gun, cannot at all harm puppet armour. The grenade is the most destructive weapon in Graveyard Shift, but comes only with 10 ammunition which is easily used up. It is not known what other enemies (if there are any) can withstand one grenade.

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