The inside of the greenhouse as it appears in Feed Me
Ruler Unknown
Location Earth, desert
Status Still standing
Game Feed Me series

The greenhouse[1] is the name of the location where the game Feed Me takes place and where some parts of the game Super Feed Me take place. The different names of the levels correspond to different rooms in the greenhouse and what vegitation grows there (e.g. Tomato Nursery, Tulip Dome, Orange Orchard, etc.).


The greenhouse from the outside appears as an enormous glass dome. Inside the greenhouse are various bugs, plants, platforms, as well as other objects.


Inside the greenhouse are five different types of platforms: Dirt, moving, stone, mud, and conveyor belts.

Greenhouse interior

An image of the inside of the greenhouse, with stone and dirt platforms


Dirt platforms are the most common platform in the game, being found in every level. They appear brown with alternating shades of wavy lines, and green grass on top. Dirt platforms can be gripped onto by the Venus Fly Trap on any side.


Moving platfroms act exactly the same as dirt platforms, except they move. They are introduced on level 2. Their appearance is also identical to dirt platforms, but without the grass on top. Moving platforms move back and forth in a set direction, and are usually longer horizontally than vertically. The Venus Fly Trap can grab onto moving platforms and ride to areas that were previously unaccessible without the help of them.


Stone platforms are a type of platform usually found vertically, in the form of walls. They appear as a series of gray blocks stacked together. Stone platforms cannot be gripped by the Venus Fly Trap.


Mud platforms are dirt platforms with a layer of mud on top of them. They are introduced in level 3. They appear the same as dirt platforms, but with light brown mud oozing off the top. When the the Venus Fly Trap grips mud to propel itself forward, the slippery mud will cause the Fly Trap to continue sliding in that direction further than normal.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are platforms that have a stationary center with rolling treads on the outside. They are introduced on level 5. They have a series of gray wheels sitting in a row surrounded by a gray tread. The wheels are constantly moving in one direction, causing the tread to rotate around them. If the Venus Fly Trap grips onto a conveyor belt, it will cause them to move in that direction. Conveyor belts can make it hard to traverse the level as they will sometimes be rolling in the opposite direction that the player needs to go.


See also: Hazards (Feed Me)

There is a large variety of vegitation found in the greenhouse. Most of it (excluding the hazards) are purely cosmetic scenery, and cannot be interacted with.


Main Article: Bugs (Feed Me)

There are many different types of bugs that inhabit the greenhouse.



  • The greenhouse shares some similarities with Aperture Science Laboratories from the Portal videogame series. In both locations, the player is trying to escape, with many hazards in their path and finally making it to the outside world.
  • The greenhouse is possibly based off of the Eden Project, a group of dome-shaped structures that house many varieties of plants. It also has hexagon-shaped, transparent glass, almost exactly the same as the glass of the greenhouse.


  1. Feed Me's game description: Bite the environment and drag yourself through the green house

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