Green superviruses
Green Supervirus
Attack Dangerous to touch
Abilities Rotating orbs
Health Five strong blows from an orb

Ten weak blows from an orb

Points 500
Game(s) Nanobots

Green superviruses are the first type of superviruses to be encountered in Nanobots and are a part of team green.


Green superviruses have a central head and three orbs which rotate around it. The head has a similar appearance to the orb seen in phase two of the human piloted nanobot's orb form.

The head is green, and a bit spherical. The head has a few small green pipes with green energy going to them. The nanobot has two green eyes, between two green rods. Three orbs rotate clockwise around the nanobot, these orbs being spherical with small spheres on them.

Game information

Green superviruses constantly have three green orbs circling the. Green superviruses, like all superviruses have their weak point protected, the Green superviruses weak point being its head. Unlike other superviruses, which need a certain amount of the attacks corresponding to the colour of the enemy, the human piloted nanobot's orb has to be on the supervirus for a certain amount of time before the supervirus dies, the amount of time lessening every time damage is taken.

Greater damage is seen by the flash on the superviruses head staying on longer. It is very difficult to kill the green supervirus as the player has to move in with its rotating orbs, which is difficult and if the player moves too slowly or fast, they will collide with the orb and be dealt damage. Green superviruses can be easily killed if the player waits for an opening then moves up. Green superviruses are spawned uncommonly, and when spawned they appear in a single pair.

When the Human piloted nanobot is in phase one, the green supervirus is very difficult to kill, but once the nanobot reaches phase two, it becomes relatively easy to kill them. As long as there are no other enemies that pose an immediate threat to the human piloted nanobot, the player can simply sit still just outside of the range of the supervirus's orbs. The orb gained in phase two will lightly tap the center of the green supervirus each swing, while the player is safe from the enemy's orbs. This can, of course, be replicated in phase three also.


  • Green superviruses are the only Nanobot which is stationary and does not use an attack that moves in a different direction each time.