Green steam heads
Green Steam Head
Attack May shoot bullets, moves around in level
Health App. 3-4 bullets from owl
Game(s) Fat Cat
Green steam heads are enemies that do not appear often in the game Fat Cat.


Green steam heads have a bluish purple pip sticking out of each corner of their "head". At the left and right side of the green steam head, between the pipes, is a bluish purple object that is shaped like a square cut in half.

The rest of the steam head is a mixture of various shades of green with a red object placed in the middle on the left right side of the steam head.

Game information

Green steam heads first appear in level five where they are spawned out of a hemispherical machine. Green steam heads travel horizontally until they hit a wall, of which they would be destroyed. In later levels, however, they would be seen on their own, shooting a long series of bullets around the area.

Unlike other enemies that attack with bullets, green steam heads can be destroyed with just a few bullets from the owl. In most cases, however, they are often seen in larger groups, thus being very time-consuming to destroy them relying only on the owl's attack.

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