Green slime
Swindler Green Slime
Wall green slime
Ability Blocks enemies (wall)
Sticks to objects (floor)
Game(s) Swindler series

Green slime is an interactive object in the Swindler series. It has two variations: wall green slime and floor green slime.


Wall green slime

Wall green slime looks like a a bubbling green wall. It's probably a kind of fungus, as it keeps on a shrinking and growing movement. It also has a harmless bee-looking yellow goo surrounding it.

Floor green slime

Floor green slime appears as a green, sticky, hardened liquid on the ground. Bombs grow in this kind of slime.

General information

Wall green Slime

Wall green slime is always located between two walls. It was introduced on level 2 of Swindler, and level 1 of Swindler 2. Only the player can go further, as it blocks the enemies from going past the wall green slime on the level. It is often found blocking off an area with switches or other items. A wall green slime does not stick to the player.

Floor green slime

Floor green slime appears in small amounts on the floor of some levels. It only takes up a block of space, and is used mainly for objects like bombs and boulders to be attached to, so the player can pick them up easily.

Rarely in the game does floor green slime exist for Swindler to stand on. When Swindler gets stuck on it, to get off again the player must press the Up arrow key.

Bee yellow goo

Bee yellow goo is a yellow goo that does not do anything in the game, and is found around green slime.


Bee yellow goo have the appearance of small flies or bees. They have circular yellow bodies, two black eyes on their front, and two white wings coming from their back.

Game information

Bee yellow goo can be found near green slime, flying around aimlessly. If Swindler touches one, nothing will happen.