Green robots
ChangeType() GreenRobot fly animated
Attack Death on contact
Abilities May fly in different directions
Health 1 hit
Points 50 (up to 250)
Game(s) changeType()
Green robots are enemies in changeType().


Green robots appear as lime-green robotic boxes, which resemble green parrots. On the front of their body, a blue orb can be seen. Green robots have two purple wings on the sides with rockets attached underneath them, presumably which allow them to fly. Under their body, two dark robotic feet can be seen, with a red ball on each.

Game information

Green robots can fly in two directions: horizontally. They can hurt the player, and kill them if the player impacts below, in front, or behind them. When the player jumps on it, it is destroyed and the player gains a slight upwards boost after landing on it. When destroyed, parts of the robot will fall down.

Thus, green robots have the property of being dangerous on all sides except the top, the top destroying the robot, granting the player points, and giving the player a short boost.


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