Green planet
Green planet focus
The planet as seen in the opening of Parasite
Location Space
Inhabitants Multitudes of animals
Status Without energy
Game Parasite

The green planet is the setting of the game Parasite. The planet, prior to the parasite and space bees visiting it, seems to have been very peaceful, as no animals seem to try to eat each other or fight. Happy gas in the game supports this fact.

Game information


The green planet appears as a large verdant green planet with a jungle terrain, thriving with forest spirits and many happy creatures. It seems at one time it had been cultivated, as man made objects like cannons and force fields exist. The animals there seem to be semi-intelligent, as some even operate their own vehicles.


The parasite ventures to this planet in order to drain it of its power, which it does by eating its forest spirits and placing objects which mine the energy from the planet. The parasite also, using his enslaving powers, enslaved much of the inhabitants and used them to pass other obstacles on the planet. He travels in his Gasguzzler 9000 to other parts of the planet, using this vehicle only to go to and from areas.

Upon eating all big forest spirits, the planet began to "die" and became a inhabitable ball of dust. It was after that the Parasite left the planet to go on to his next mission.


The green planet is inhabited with many creatures and all of them appear to reside peacefully with one another. Many of the creatures of the same species stay grouped together. Some creatures have a ways of protecting themselves, such as the snails which have shells and the armadillos which curl up.

Intelligent inhabitants

The only inhabitants that are not from the green planet are the space bees and the parasite, both which are intelligent beings. The intelligent creatures on the planet appear to be the armadillos and snails, that always try to attack the parasite when they see him, and the elite winged cats, that chase the parasite. Other intelligent habitants seem to have made cannons, but either were wiped out or abandoned the planet.


The green planet seems to have been cultivated many years ago, or possibly recently, as cannons are the only technology that exist on the planet. A force field is found in a few locations, but other than those types of technology, no other technology exists.

Planet-made technology

Although it could not be classified as technology, the animals of the planet have deployed some sort of gas called by the parasite as "happy gas". This gas will destroy evil that comes into the midst of the gas. It seems that it only works on large evil objects, as the parasite - an incredibly evil creature bent on destroying the planet - seems not to be affected by it. However, it seems to have a large effect on his mood.

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