Green pads
Green Pad
Ability Serves as landing platform at the start of a level
Game(s) Hot Air series

Green pads are one of the four pads in the Hot Air series.


Hot Air 1 & 2

Green pads appear as a small green block with curved edges.

Green pad - Hot Air Jr.

A green pad in Hot Air Jr

Hot Air Jr.

Green pads do not appear green anymore, but rather golden in colour.

Game information

Hot Air 1 & 2

It appears in every level, being the platform the player starts on when they being a level. They serve no other purposes than this, but can also be used as a resting spot. On some level, they appear on rails or held up by a grey beam.

Hot Air Jr

Green pads lose their classic Hot Air appearance, but still perform the same action as they have always performed in the Hot Air games.


  • Green teleporters from the Toxic series are likely based off the Hot Air series's green pads. This is evident by how both objects serve as the pad the player starts each level on, and how each is green.