Green nanobot
Green Enemy Transparent
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving
Health One blow from an orb
Points Fifty
Game(s) Nanobots

Green nanobots are enemy basic nanobots that appear in Nanobots and is a member of team green.


They are outlined in green, have two green eyes, and four green circles that are attached to a green line, the green circles revolving around the green nanobot.

Game information

Green nanobots are sometimes the second or first to spawned in levels. They have no attack, being completely vulnerable for attack, unlike the pink nanobots. Also unlike the pink nanobots, they don't have an in-game upgraded version of themselves. The upgraded version they have - titled the titan green nanobot - was cut from the game. They are the second nanobots introduced, after pink nanobots, and are also very common.

Green nanobots can be killed by hitting them with an orb. Upon coming in contact with an orb, the green nanobot will die and the player will be granted fifty points. However, green nanobots are dangerous on contact and will cause the human piloted nanobot to loose one fifth of its health on contact.

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