This article is about mines from Final Ninja Zero. For mines from other games, please see Mines.

Green Mine
Hackable mine moving vertical
Attack Explodes on contact
Health 1 hit to its body with a Ninja Star
Points 10 (for first hit)
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Green mines are a variation of controllable mines introduced in Final Ninja Zero.


Green mines appear as a sphere with pegs on the left and right of them, above and below them, and two on the sphere. These two have green lights on them which presumably act as the mine's eyes. The sphere of the green mine also is greenish.

Game Information

Green mines first appear on level 8 and lack a firewall which the drone mines have. Because of this possible human error they can be sabotaged and controlled. Takeshi can sabotage a green mine by shooting a ninja rope at one.

Once sabotaged, green mines can be controlled with the same controls used for controlling Takeshi, only they cannot jump, but instead move up. Green mines are spawned endlessly out of spawners, and can be destroyed with a ninja star.

Green mines never home into Takeshi when an alarm is triggered, in fact, green mines are never used by the enemy corporation against Takeshi. Green mines are always used by Takeshi to destroy usually a generator, an enemy difficult to kill, or against an object immune to Takeshi's attacks.


  • So that players cannot get a high score by destroying green mines, the first green mine destroyed by a ninja star only grants points.