Green lizard men
Green Lizard Man
Attack Striking with Trident
Attacking with their tongue
Health Sword - 4 Blows
Game(s) Double Edged

The Green lizard men are enemies in Double Edged.


They are men with the head and skin of lizards, who have the ability to walk on their hind legs and wield weapons. Their first appearance is on level 2-1, along with the red lizard man.

Game Information

When the green lizard man walks onto the screen, it is always armed with a trident, a weapon used by only the Red and Green Lizard Men. Their second attack is to strike out their tongue at an attacker. They will use this attack most when they have no trident, but less when they do have a trident.

Their intention, along with the red lizard men, is to invade and take over Greece. Although they are against the enemy soldiers and commanders, they will not attack them. Unlike the enemy soldiers and commanders, green and red lizard men cannot pick up another weapon, or ride tigers.



- Some Green Lizard Men upon being killed

"Excusssssse me,but have you sssseen my friendsssss?

Am I missssing sssomething here?

-A green lizard man upon being encountered in level 2-4.


-A green lizardman down to half his health on level 2-4

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