Green goons
Green Goon
Attack Dangerous on contact
Health 1 blow
Points 10
Game(s) Headcase

Green goons are enemies in the game Headcase.


Green goons wear a green bug like suit that covers almost their entire body, save for their mouth, chin and hands. The suit has two green spikes sticking out of the top of it and a visor over the green goon's eyes. The green goons hold a machine on their back which rotates the wings that keep them up in the air.

Game information

Green goons are common enemies in Headcase and debut in level two. Green goons can be found in almost every level flying vertically horizontally, or in a circle.

They may sometimes fly still in one area, resulting in easily obtaining points. However, no matter what pattern they are flying in, they always zig-zag. To kill one, the player should make Norman Noggin hit one with his head, and ten points will be gained.


A beta green goon appears on Simon Hunter's website. It is identical to the regular green goon, save for the beta one have dark green pixels on its visors. Also, the beta green goon appears lighter in colour than the regular one.

Other appearances

  • Party - A green goon appears in the party skin, to the far right side of the cable car and a little bit underneath Norman Noggin.
  • Retro - A green goon appears flying in the sky.
  • Shop - The green goon appears in the music section.

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