This article is about green enzymes from Test Subject Green. For green enzymes from Test Subject Blue, please see Green.

Green enzymes are enemies in Test Subject Green. They are one out of three types of enzymes in the Test Subject series, the other two being blue and orange enzymes.  

The first green enzyme was made when a blue enzyme and an orange enzyme were mixed together by the professor at Xeno Industries. It was with the first green enzyme that the professor made other variations of green enzymes.

General appearance

Green enzymes have two black dot like eyes which are placed on some part of their body. Their bodies appear to be slime that is a yellowish green and may be partly or completely surrounded by a black outline.

Game information


Test Subject Blue

After Blue, a blue enzyme completed 25 of the professor's tests, the professor mixed the blue enzyme with an orange enzyme and created a strong orange enzyme, but two seconds later it transformed into a green enzyme.

Test Subject Green

The professor used this green enzyme to create other green enzymes that he tested Blue against. The professor was attacked during one test, and his lab and Xeno Industries was looted. Doctor Nastidous, who was responsible for this, made other types of green enzymes and tested them against Blue in his own test container.


There are six versions of green enzymes, two of which were made by Doctor Nastidous.

Bullet green enzymes

Green enzymes in the shape of a bullet. They are shot by the mimic green enzymes while they are mimicking Blue, and thrown by sniper green enzymes.

Crawling green enzymes

Main article: Crawling green enzymes

Simple green enzymes who crawl on the floor. The player must crouch and shoot at the same time to defeat it.

Monkey green enzymes

Main article: Monkey green enzymes

Green enzymes who move on the ceilings of platforms. They will drop down on Blue and with their head attached torch and blow themselves back up.

Bouncing green enzymes

Main article Bouncing green enzymes

Green enzymes who move around all areas of the level, bouncing off all walls they touch.

Sniper green enzymes

Main article Sniper green enzymes

Green enzymes who cling to walls and throw bullet green enzymes at Blue.

Mimic green enzymes

Main article: Mimic green enzymes

Green enzymes that have the ability to accurately mimic Blue's movements.


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These enzymes appear only in Bump Battle Royale, and come in either orange or green. They die upon contact, but push the player back.