Green dragon serpent
Green Dragon Serpent
Level 2
Attack(s) None
Abilities None
Weak spots Five
Spot health
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 spots: 4-7 blows
Colour Green

The green dragon serpent is the second sky serpent encountered in Sky Serpents.


Green dragon

The entire green dragon serpent

The green dragon serpent has the head of a dragon with long ears.

Game information

The green dragon serpent, like the previous serpent, also doesn't attack. Speech bubbles will pop up showing the player what to do. The segment the weak point is on will slide open, and eventually close. The spikes on the ears and head of the serpent will not harm the young Norse warrior.

It seems to live in a quite calm habitat, since they don't have weapons to defend themselves, but their ability to hide their weak spots shows that other sky serpents may attack it.


The green dragon serpent does not have any way of attacking the player.


The green dragon serpent does not have any type of ability.

Weak spot health

The green dragon serpent has five weak spots. Commonly, all five weak spots will take five blows. Uncommonly, one out of the five weak spots may take four to seven blows, while rarely two segments will take either four, six or seven blows each to kill.


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