Gravity orbs
Gravity Orb
An up gravity shifting gravity orb
Ability Manipulates gravity
Game(s) Canary

Gravity orbs are interactive objects found in the game Canary.


Gravity orbs have a light grey stand placed on the bottom of them that is attached to whatever surface they are on. The rest of the gravity orb is a blue sphere with a dark blue arrow pointing up, down, left, or right.

Game information

Gravity orbs first appear on level seven of Canary. To activate a gravity orb, the blue sphere has to be shattered. When it is shattered, gravity will be switched in the direction the arrow on the sphere is pointing.

The Canaries used the gravity orbs for the movement of heavy machinery, according to a transmission from the miner Canary. In later levels of Canary, when a gravity orb is shattered, sometimes dangerous objects will be heading in the direction gravity is shifted.

When gravity is shifted, many creatures and objects will act strangely due to the change. The switching of gravity will not affect movement patterns for any creatures, including Canary 214-LE, but it will affect the pink liquid fired by aliens like the alien liquid dropper.


  • The Canaries are on a mining colony, and since it is a space station set out is space, gravity would naturally affect even the insides of the colony, preventing movements like rock dropping to the ground in the colony due to the low gravity. This is something usually avoided in almost all science fiction media.

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