Grandpa's face on a sign next to the lighthouse
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Level(s) Intro (on sign), Ending
Status Alive
Game(s) Beneath The Lighthouse

Grandpa is a character from the game Beneath The Lighthouse. He is the grandfather of the main protagonist, the Boy.


Grandpa has a bald rectangular white head and a large pale violet red full on beard shaped like a rectangle with small angled sides. His beard is connected to his large bushy eyebrows, he wears crimson shirt with white stripe on it.

Game information


From the description of the game on the app store, it is said that Grandpa manages the lighthouse. The lighthouse hasn't shone on days and the fog has grown thick. At this point Grandpa is considered missing and the Boy sets off to find him.

Penguin 1

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open the box.

After the Giant crab lets go of the last cog, enabling the lighthouse to start working again. Grandpa is seen in his yacht, the "Fossil", holding a map. He sees the light of the lighthouse and sails towards it. The Boy is seen waiting at the front of the lighthouse as Grandpa suddenly appears. The two hug each other and the the boy returns his hat to Grandpa. Grandpa thinks it suits his grandson better so he gives the cap back for him.

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