Grabber image

The helicopter using grabber

Grabber is a tool in the Rubble Trouble series. It is one of two tools that use the helicopter.


It is basically a grey, metal-coloured mechanical arm that is attached to the helicopter.

Grabber select

The grabber's select button

Game information

When the player clicks the grabber tool to set it up, a helicopter with a mechanical arm will appear. The mechanical arm will attach itself to the nearest structure, holding on to it until the player moves the helicopter. The player can adjust the length of the arm by moving the opposite direction of the arm. Clicking will activate the arm, and it will attack and pull off whatever it is attached to. The mechanical arm can move super steel if it is not attached to the ground

The grabber can pull off big clumps of blocks if the blocks are all stuck together and not attached to anything. If the arm attaches to something that is fully attached to a wall, it will only pull off a block. The mechanical arm cannot be used in any way to destroy blocks, only for transporting them. It can however destroy glass on contact, due to glass being very fragile. Clicking will start the tool and the mechanical arm will pull off whatever it is attached to. When the arm is holding something, the arm will swing around, swinging around more if the arm is further extended.

It will not move as fluidly when holding bigger clumps of blocks, the weight of the blocks will not affect the helicopter at all. It is not possible to extend or pull in the arm while holding something. Clicking while holding something will drop the object held. The grabber is useful for bringing safes down and big clumps of blocks which would otherwise lead the player to having to destroy the blocks with explosives. If an object cannot be picked up, the smashing sound heard when picking something up will be heard, but the helicopter will still remain blurred and nothing would have happened (this does not use up one of the player's tries on that tool).


The grabber will target the nearest block to the side or below it. If the blocks are stuck to the floor it will pull one block free.
If the whole structure is loose it will pull all of it.

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