Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving up and down
Health One blow
Game(s) Off The Rails, Skywire 2

Gophers are enemies that first appeared in the game Off The Rails, and later in the game Skywire 2.


Gophers look like big brown moles. They have a cylindrical brown head with two small white eyes and two black pupils, two small brown ears near their eyes, a pink mouth with a big white tooth and a black nose smaller than their tooth. The sunlight is shining on the right part, so the left side of the monster has darker colours. Under their head, there are five visible brown rocks around them.

Game information

Off The Rails

Gophers appear on the track moving their head up and down. They have to be jumped over to be avoided.

Skywire 2

Gophers make a cameo appearance as an enemy in Skywire 2. Gophers rise up from and back into dirt piles on islands. They rise up for about a second and stay down for about a second. If the player goes too fast or slow at the wrong time, the player will lose a passenger. Gophers are found in levels 7, 15, 17, 21, and 27.

In Off The Rails
In Skywire



  • Prior to Nitrome Must Die, gophers were one of the few enemies to actually appear in another game and play a role.