Gooey spheres
Ability Bouncing the player
Game(s) Cave Chaos 2

Gooey spheres are an interactive object in the game Cave Chaos 2.


Gooey spheres are olive coloured spheres with bubbles and slime on them. They appear to be hollow , much like an inflatable ball.

Game Information

Gooey spheres are first introduced in level 9. They can either hinder or help the player, depending on the situation. If the miners are trying to reach a place and the gooey spheres blocking the way, it is a hindrance. Gooey spheres can bounce the miners to places that are otherwise inaccessible, which can be helpful sometimes. When a miner touch a gooey sphere, it will bounce it back in the direction the miner touched the sphere.

At one point in the game, the player has to go on the sphere in order to be bounced to a far off platform. This is done twice throughout the game; the other times the gooey spheres are nuisances and have to be avoided, by being jumped over or somehow traversed. If the player lands on the wrong part of the sphere, they can fly severely off course. The player must be careful to land at exactly the right trajectory.


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