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Goo-firing heads
Attack Firing dangerous goo balls; dangerous on contact
Abilities Firing goo balls
Health One blow
Game(s) Cold Storage

Goo-firing heads are enemies in the game Cold Storage, first introduced in level eleven.


Goo-firing heads are purple, long, worm-like creatures with eyes that make up most of their bodies. They stick out from holes in the ice of the giant's frozen cave.

Game information

Goo-firing heads fire balls of green goo at the yeti, which are dangerous on contact. These goo balls will make the yeti lose one heart of life. Also, touching the goo-firing head itself will cause the yeti to lose a heart of life.

To destroy a goo-firing head without losing health, the yeti must flip onto them when leaving a super-pole. The heads will then be destroyed. If the yeti makes contact with one from leaving a pole of a different type or is falling after the super-pole effect wears off, the worms will be killed, but the yeti, at the same time, will also lose health.

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